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I am a lifelong artist, a mother, businesswoman, and yachtswoman. In my 80’s I became an author of the book Keeping Ahead of Winter.  I am active, I am happy, I am old, thus an expert on aging. People ask … Continue reading

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I’ve been an artist since my early years and only started thinking about writing after the Edior-in-Chief of Motor Boating Magazine asked me to send them a copy of the log of a boating journey I made with my new … Continue reading

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I am an active fun loving ninety-six-year-old, enjoying new things.  I believe you are never too old for adventure. At fifty, I honeymooned with my new husband by crewing our 38- foot powerboat from Illinois to Florida through inland waters … Continue reading

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SENIORS ATTENTION! Are You Having Fun Yet?

You can’t ignore old age. You can complain about it, be glad you lived long enough to be able to complain, or you can evaluate the way you are living and create a way of life that gives you pleasure. … Continue reading

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DEFY THE OBITUARIES Don’t Quit Because You are Old

To answer those of you who ask me what my secret is in keeping active at such an advanced age. I offer my suggestions, although I do not guarantee they will work. If you follow my lead, at least you … Continue reading

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