MY QUALIFICATIONS: I am active. I am happy. I am old.
Certification: Birth Certificate–Born 3/18/1915


Please be informed I in no way have all the answers to aging well. Aging well has become a surprise to me.

Ruth’s Bio

It is my own active life in my mid 90’s that qualifies me to pass on what I have gleaned in the process of living these many years. I’ve had many life changes. I’ve been a commercial artist, twice a wife, a mother of two, an artist (painter), divorcee, real estate broker, yachtswoman, an entrepreneur and the published author of Keeping Ahead of Winter—4100 Nautical Miles Inside America, nonfiction for adults. Naptime Secrets, a two to six-year-old child’s color book and You and The Arts—Why Art Matters which is an EBook that will be in print this spring.


5 Responses to About

  1. Alberta Auringer Wood says:

    Aunt Ruth – I think you are amazing! Keep it up.
    ~~~ Alberta

  2. Ashton Boni says:

    Well said! You sound like an amazingly in-tune woman.

  3. Lenore Sheridan says:

    Happy 96!!! My Mom is 93 and subscribes to a similar philosophy. I’m retired and loving it. Dancing, hiking, reading and being involved in social justice issues keep me going -Take care and peace -Lenore

  4. Elise Burrows says:

    Happy Birthday Ruth! Your blog is very inspiring and enjoyable!

  5. Stan says:


    My I have your permission to repost a few of your articles on my site.

    Please take a look at http://www.stillvital.com. Your topics and writing would be great info for our readers. Of course you would be given full credit and links back to your site.

    I am glad I found you just so I can read and be inspired myself,


    Founder – maturitymatters.net and stillvital.com

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