1.      When you are told you’re old enough to go to school.

2.      When the bartender gives you a drink without asking for your ID.

3.      When members of the opposite sex no longer whistle at you.

4.      After telling your five-year-old child something about a happening in your life   before your marriage and she asks, “Was that in the olden days?”

5.      When you find your first gray hair.

6.      You’re 39, almost 40.

7.      You’re 49, almost a half-century-old.

8.      When the AARP magazine arrives.  [You hide it]

9.      When your first Social Security check arrives. [You have mixed feelings, “Happy to have the money, but am I really this old?”]

10.  When the bus-driver gives you the senior rate without asking for your ID.

11.  When you recognize you look like one of your parents.

12.  When your grandmother looks young to you in old pictures of her on her fiftieth wedding anniversary.

13.  When one of your children introduces you to a friend and brags about how old you are.

14.  When you start counting in decades rather than years.

By now you are aware of your age and know what it means.  When you don’t feel well you prepare yourself to die.  [My father used to tell me, “If you fall off a horse, get right back on]. You don’t die.


About Ruth Silnes

Ruth is a lifelong illustrator, painter and a published author of three books. ''You and The Arts,'' is an Ebook ( and is a softcover. At this time, it can be bought online at It explains why the arts are of vital important to civilization. It is written for teachers, travelers, artists and art critics.
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1 Response to AS I SEE IT: AGING IS WHEN?

  1. winnie says:

    My father pointed out my first gray hair – when I was 18!

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