We are on our way to growing old the minute we are born. Babies are adorable, children are cute, teens are…well, pimply. Young people are pretty, middle-aged people are beautiful, from there on character blooms and grows. Why don’t we appreciate it at the time? We can forget the struggling pimply teens when we are trying to find out who we are.

Youth mistakenly rules the beauty scene today. Advertisements bombard us with ads to use their product because it is the best. It will do away with wrinkles and sagging skin. They show pictures of twenty-year-olds worried about a wrinkle near their eye. We are showered with ads that tell us how their pills are the ones that will make us slim or keep us young and fit. They say buy our machine and you will look like an Adonis. As if that is not too much by itself, doctors are advertising that they will remodel your whole body under the scalpel. I believe the real you is natural with a personality that should be dominant. That is where your beauty really lies.

Today we must be careful to be politically correct so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Yet, when it comes to old people we laugh at humor that pictures graphically haggard old people that are missing bells in their bell-free. They are depicted in clothes that look like they came out of a scrap bag and their bodies are extremely exaggerated. It is no wonder people fear aging.

Why didn’t we know and appreciate it when we were beautiful?  Since we’ve aged, why don’t we realize we have developed a full blown character that makes us desirable?  This can be the time to be the person you most admire. When you really like yourself you are seen as beautiful.


About Ruth Silnes

Ruth is a lifelong illustrator, painter and a published author of three books. ''You and The Arts,'' is an Ebook ( and is a softcover. At this time, it can be bought online at It explains why the arts are of vital important to civilization. It is written for teachers, travelers, artists and art critics.
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  1. Kathleen Podolsky says:

    It is very hard to really like what is falling apart and painful, even though it is probably our own fault for not taking care of the body when we were good looking and capable.

  2. Ruth says:

    If you didn’t do it then. You can always start now. It’s amazing how the body can refresh itself.

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