After interviewing eight centenarians an article titled Secret of the Centenarians in the New York Times, could have been taken from articles I wrote about aging well. Those interesting centenarians all have a positive attitude and enjoy the company of family and good friends. They are all happy they are still living and actively and enjoying their hobbies or work.

 Another article on WebMD The Secrets of Aging Well—Live Long and Prosper, speaks of moderation. Something I learned about as a child when my grandfather told me everything I do should be in moderation he said, “Don’t hate too much, don’t love too much, don’t eat too much, and don’t drink too much.” I tried to follow it and did to a degree.


About Ruth Silnes

Ruth is a lifelong illustrator, painter and a published author of three books. ''You and The Arts,'' is an Ebook ( and is a softcover. At this time, it can be bought online at It explains why the arts are of vital important to civilization. It is written for teachers, travelers, artists and art critics.
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