I am a lifelong artist, a mother, businesswoman, and yachtswoman. In my 80’s I became an author of the book Keeping Ahead of Winter.  I am active, I am happy, I am old, thus an expert on aging. People ask me what my secret is.

To get the most out of life I believe it is good to be open to change, times change and we need to change with it. Concentrate on something other than our problems. Think positive, no good can come from anything else and enjoy happy memories.

Turn problems into challenges and think of challenges as opportunities.

I recommend that you don’t procrastinate, make ‘to-do lists,’ and don’t worry about what you don’t do. Take care of your health. Exercise or at least keep moving.  Cathy Nonas, RD, Author of “Outwit your Weight says, “Chewing gum while you cook will keep you free from nibbling. This can save you 100’s of calories. Writing empowers you, keep a journal, and/or write your memoirs. Moderation in all aspects of life is a key to living well

Children can draw without taking lessons, try it, it doesn’t have to be good to be enjoyable. If you find you like it then take lessons. Smile, it does more for your looks than Botox. Attend to your spiritual life.  Manage anger and work around disabilities.

Find a passion and dive into it with abandon: even if you have to take baby steps to get started.  Everything has its price. You may have to give up something in order to make the time and energy to pursue your passion.

The word can’t, should never have been invented. Make plans, and only do what you can do comfortably. Hanging on to what doesn’t exist anymore will hinder your progress. Find out who the good person is that you are and find what you like to do and modify it to fit your ability. Be willing to try new things and change with the times. Learn from what you do right. Be willing too take the baby steps to learn new things and take pleasure in what gets done no matter how little. When you put your heart into a project the woes of the world disappear and you can take pride in your accomplishment.


About Ruth Silnes

Ruth is a lifelong illustrator, painter and a published author of three books. ''You and The Arts,'' is an Ebook ( and is a softcover. At this time, it can be bought online at It explains why the arts are of vital important to civilization. It is written for teachers, travelers, artists and art critics.
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