So you’ve gotten elderly. So what? You are now that astute old person with those wonderful character lines. Though wise, there are still some things you have to learn. There is nothing wrong with the younger generation. True, you don’t understand their humor. Their taste in clothes looks ridiculous to you. If you are in a waiting room the rest of the people all have their heads bent down looking at a little electronic gadget that they keep touching with one finger. Or they are walking down the street with a thingamajig in their ear and talking to someone on a little phone. This is progress whether you like it or not.

            Remember when you carried a boom box blasting music down the street. Or was it back farther when your flivver had a horn that played a few notes of music and you blasted it all the time?    Did you wear your galoshes unfastened so they flapped with every step you took?  If you were a boy did you wear your corduroys as dirty as you could make them? I remember how they smelled (really stunk). What do you suppose the older generation thought of us?

 What are some of the other obnoxious things we did?   Let me hear from you.


About Ruth Silnes

Ruth is a lifelong illustrator, painter and a published author of three books. ''You and The Arts,'' is an Ebook (http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/27676) and is a softcover. At this time, it can be bought online at www.RuthSilnes.com. It explains why the arts are of vital important to civilization. It is written for teachers, travelers, artists and art critics.
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  1. Judy says:

    Brought back some wonderful visual and aromatic memories.

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